Chapter 64 Caney-Kuttenger-Aster

 He took me to the Shogun's house. Shogun-sama is a forceful man but I don't think he's a bad person.

 With wavy, bright red hair that reaches to the middle of his back, the general, who is about the same height as Lethia and I, looks to be around 20 years old.

 The reason why such a young woman holds the position of general is because she is the head of a family connected to the Duke of the Principality.

 Her name is Caney Kuttger Astor. He's a branch of the prince's family and the heir to the throne.

"Even though I'm the head of the family, I took over the family suddenly about half a month ago, so I don't have any style, right?"

 Yes, that's right. You can't say that.


 Hey, Licia-chan, let's be reasonable!

 You don't have to ask why Sama brought us to the compound. I don't want to.

"Lady Lysia, lend us your strength. You can defeat the Kraken!"

 See, I knew this would happen.


 Oh, Lethia the Brainiac said no. I thought Lethia would join us in defeating the Kraken.

"I'm not going to listen to anything but the Lord's orders."

 And he stood me up!

"If you want to defeat the Kraken, invite the Lord."


 Hey, I don't want that!

"Don't say Hendler. Follow me."

 Your attitude is totally different from Lethia's! I'm not asking you to respect me, but I'm asking you to at least treat me the same as Lethia!

"No, thank you."

"You-sama! Can you not obey my command?"

 That's why aristocrats are so annoying. That's why I don't want to have anything to do with aristocrats.

"What can you give me as a reward? I can't judge anything without hearing it, can I?"

"Huh, you want money? Then..."

"I've got money to rot."

"...then the title..."

"What is the value of a title, sir?"

"You-sama, do you mock our nobility?"

 She slaps the desk with a bang, and stands up, glaring at me with blue streaks on her temples.

"Unfortunately, I don't see any value in a race that clings to the accomplishments of its ancestors, a race that finds value only in bloodlines."


 The general tried to jump on me, but Lethia hit her and she fainted, and she's sitting on the sofa with her eyes white. Judging from her appearance, she's a mute sama.

 Aristocracy is not a good thing.

 After a while, the general woke up. They weren't waiting for her to wake up. She was surrounded by her men.

"You-sama! How dare you hit me!"

"No, it was Lethia who hit you. I didn't do anything."

"What? Damn..."

 What's that? What's good for Lethia, bad for me?

"What does the sama want?

 The general who sent his men down there was so ugly he asked me.

"I'm just saying that it's wrong to ask me, a merchant, for something without getting something in return. And why don't you ask someone with common sense to teach you how to ask for something?"


 A tongue lashing? the head of a family shouldn't tongue-tie.

"I guess it's time for me to leave."

 We got off the couch and started walking towards the door to leave.

"Wait! Wait for me! Please, I'm right here, I need your help!"

"Isn't it about time, Lord? I think she knows who's better."

 Oh, my God, Lethia. She's not supposed to say that.

"Huh, I don't want to help you out of the goodness of my heart."

"I'll do anything I can!"

 Well, you said it. I don't think you realize how much that word means to me.

"Okay, sir."


"But no one will give me orders. Even if you follow me to defeat the Kraken."


 The deal is done. Then let's get to work defeating the Kraken!

"How big is the Kraken?"

"Very big."

"What does a Kraken look like?"

"My feet are full."

 Are you a child? This general doesn't know what he's talking about. All the men who've died so far have died in vain, poor thing.

 All right, let's go see the ship.

 She only owned small ships.

"What the hell? How were you going to fight the Kraken like this?"

"Damn it, all the big ships were killed by that monster!"

 We're completely in over our heads! Oh no, you flowery-headed shogun-sama.

"What should we do, Grose-san?"

I don't know, it's a small ship...

 Sailor must be worried. It's a small ship, maybe five meters long. There's no way she's going out to sea to fight the kraken.

 Lethia and Sailor looked at me as if they were expecting something. Saint-Louve's innocence is my oasis.

"All right, hold on a second."

[Ins, what kind of ship is this?]

 When in doubt, turn to Insu. I can't wait to see Insu's face. That's why we need more chaos in that country.

[Battleships that can withstand a battle with a Kraken cannot be purchased at the current [[Mail Order]] rank. However, large cruisers can be purchased.]

[Can that big cruiser withstand the Kraken's blow?]

[It's not designed for combat, sir.]

[Hmmm... then is there a ship that can take my sniper shots, shoot Sela's magic, and still be faster than the Kraken's swimming speed?]

[In that case, I have the perfect ship for you.]

 My idea is simple. If the ship is faster than the Kraken, it can keep its distance and attack at long range. If me and Sailor can kill the Kraken, we'll be fine.

[buy it and modify it]

[All right. Give me three hours.]

[Copy that.]

 So we decided to go to defeat the Kraken on the next day. It was not a good start, so we decided to prepare well and start again.

 And Lethia is training with the general's men. I'm sorry for the general's men because they were ready to go and now they're stuck here.

"Goshujin-sama~, I want a cookie."

"Master-sama, give one to Ruby, please."

"Yes, yes. But we're almost ready to eat, so just a little bit."

"Okay, one."

"Yes, sir."

 Saint-Louve and Ruby are eating cookies like they're delicious. Such a scene is an oasis in my heart.

 The next day, I went to the harbor first thing in the morning and launched the ship which was modified by Insu there.

"...Grose-san, is this a ship?"

 The ship, I didn't think this would come up either.

"Herr Hendler, what is this?"

"This... is a ship called a hovercraft."

 Well, according to the [[appraisal]] it's a hovercraft called MV-PP10, manufactured by Sansei Shipbuilding. It looks like a civilian ship. It's not armed at all.

[As for the modifications, we are concentrating on speed and hull control, so the maximum speed is 250 kilometers per hour.]

 Whoa! Is it safe to go so fast at sea? You're not going to capsize in the waves, are you? Oh, that's why you modified the hull controls!

 When I started the engine, there was a tremendous roar and the hull rose a little higher. It seemed that the hull was lifted by the air sent to the lower part of the hull.

"What's that noise?"

 Sailor asked loudly.

"That's what makes this boat so special."

"Lord, is this how you hunt the Kraken?"

 Lethia's interest seems to be in hunting the Kraken.

"This is just a means of transportation. I guess we'll be hunting with Sailor's magic and my sniper."

"Don't I get a turn?"

"Lethia is a melee fighter, so you'll have to put up with me piloting this hovercraft this time."

"Well, if you're going to pilot this... well, if you insist, then I'll pilot it."

 Lethia likes to drive. So I knew this would happen when I told her I'd put her in charge of the hovercraft. She's not a yandere, but she's cute.