Chapter 83 In Everyday Life

 Let's talk a little about the four girls and then I'll tell you about myself.

 Currently, the girls are trying to conquer the Red Tower with a party of eight, and they have reached the 19th level.

 You're having a hard time against rank 5 Iron Golem, Black Claw, Metal Lizard and rank 6 Rock Lizard in the mountain area.

 I seem to recall Saint-Loup having a lot of trouble with that.

 As for the members, there is nothing to say about the four girls. So, I'll mention the other four.

 Joining the party are Honoka Hino, a fire magician; Takeo Osaki, a dark magician; Akane Souhara, a martial artist; and Loki, an explorer.

 All of them are former Japanese who were sent to this world by Administrator-san.

 Honoka Hino, Takeo Osaki, and Akane Souhara have been introduced before, but this is probably the first time for Loki.

 Loki is not a good fighter, but he is good at finding treasures. He is also good at finding traps and hidden passages, so he is very useful as an assistant.

 I'm helping these eight, but I don't need their help much anymore. At the nineteenth level, you can get a good price by bringing the materials of the monsters you hunt there to the Adventurer's Guild.

 But the products of the earth that we get from [[mail order]] are a source of comfort for the eight of us.

 And us, we've reached the 24th level now.

 The twenty-fourth level is a complex of grasslands, mountains, and lakes, crowded with elemental demons such as the Earth Element, Typhoon Element, and Flame Element.

 These elemental demons are all rank 6, but they are surprisingly strong.

 The earth element is immune to magic and can only be attacked physically, the typhoon element is immune to physical attacks and can only be attacked magically, and the flame element is immune to both physical and magical attacks.

 And above all, each of them has its own attribute attack.

All right, we're going in!

 Well, Lethia is still the same as ever, and she manifests a large shield from the Armor of Everlasting Darkness and charges into the Flame Element.

"We're here to help!"

 Sailor activates water magic to help.

"I'll shoot the grenades!"

 Ellie shot a DiMaco C8 assault carbine.

 Currently, the rank of [[Mail Order]] is [A], which means that it can be remodeled at four levels, so even C8 is effective against demons of rank 7 and lower.

 Also, the C8's grenade launcher is powerful enough to be used at rank 7. However, even though it is rank 6, Flame Element has physical and magical resistances, so it is troublesome.

 When Sailor and Ellie's support attack exploded on the Flame Elemental, Lethia hit it with her body and blew it away.


 She swung the Black Magic Iron Axe and tried to chase him further, but before she could, the Flame Element's high heat magic attacked Lethia.

"This stuff!"

 Lethia catches the spell with the shield of everlasting darkness and moves forward little by little in the burning heat. Even though the Shield of Everlasting Darkness can repair itself and evolve itself, she is reckless.


 Sunlove, who had been invisible, appeared and attacked the Flame Elemental, then disappeared again.

 You can't see it even if you're aware of it, which shows that Saint-Louve is extremely covert.

 Not to be outdone, I prepared my M16, but the Flame Elemental collapsed under Lethia's attack.

 When you kill a Flame Elemental, it leaves behind a Flame Elemental Crystal. This is the same for other elemental demons, which leave behind a crystal of each attribute.

 This crystal is sold at a high price because it is of better quality than the demon stones of the same rank 6 demon, so it is worth good money.

 Ellie's level is still low, so she can level up a bit, but Lethia and the others' levels don't go up much. They don't get enough experience at the rank of 6.

 Well, you can't go up as high as you did when you were fighting rank 8 or rank 9.

 If you go a little higher, you can find rank 8 and rank 9, but from the 16th level, the area per layer becomes much wider, and the higher you go, the wider it becomes. Moreover, the density of demons is quite high, so the speed of attacking per layer slows down and it takes a long time.

 We could have sent in tanks and Apaches, but that would have made us dependent on the performance of the weapons, and we wouldn't have developed our fighting instincts. That's fine with me and Ellie, but Lethia, Sailor, and Saint-Loup have decided to go steady, since their fighting styles don't depend on weapons.

 Well, if it gets dangerous, I'll send out the tanks and the Apaches.

 I left the Red Tower and went home.

 Now, I live in a small house in a corner of an institution for orphans.

 I've left the demon shop to my men and the cosmetics shop to Dousama.

 Recently, I have been supporting the orphans and Japanese people to conquer the Red Tower, and eight Japanese people who support me are also taking care of the children.

"Master, here are the sales results for the Behnze Empire's Imperial City store. And there was a request for more alcoholic beverages."

 Ince controls every store in the Hendler Trading Company from home.

 Each shop is equipped with a magically modified communication device that allows for real-time video conferencing.

"Sugar and pepper are up 22 percent month over month, cosmetics are up 37 percent month over month. That's great, but what do you want me to drink?"

"Because of the cold climate, people seem to prefer a higher alcohol content."

 Liquor sells like hotcakes in cold countries. I guess alcohol is a necessity to get through the severe cold.

"OK, let's add vodka and whiskey to the product line - let's see samaiko."

"Yes, sir. I'll arrange it that way."

I'll take care of it.

 Leave the business to Ins and you'll have nothing to worry about.

 I looked out the window at the ground.

 Children are training with swords and spears, and you can hear their cheerful voices.

 My men and squires are training with the children, and I can see from a distance that they're very active.

"It's time to send the kids off," Braham-San said.

"Those three, right? How did you put up with that?"

 There were three boys who were rebelling to become adventurers as soon as possible .

 Braham did not allow them to leave the facility because he thought that they would die soon even if they became adventurers, but now that they are bigger and stronger, Braham thought that they could do well even if they became adventurers.

"Four other children were also desperately practicing their magic and swords when they became adventurers together, you know."

 We can only hope that their future will not be a disaster as they leave this place.

"Tomorrow, he's going to church to make his profession."

 You can be an adventurer at any age, but you must be 15 or older to get a job.

 I was 20 years old when I came to this world, so they gave me a job without any problem.

"I hope there's a profession that meets everyone's needs."

"Yes. But whether your profession is good or bad, you have the skills to make it work."

 To tell the truth, I wasn't a good fighter either, but I was able to get by thanks to my skills.

 Some skills are naturally occurring, some are gained when you are given a profession, and some are gained from things like skill scrolls.

 So, although occupation is not everything, considering the growth of your ability, it is better to be given the occupation you want.

 And the day came for the seven to receive their vocations in the church.

 Braham is leading them to the church, but did the seven find good jobs?

 I'm kind of nervous for myself.

"O-kan-sama, Braham-san and the others have returned and wish to see you."


 The maid invites Braham and the seven children to my room.

"How was the church?"

"There's an occupation nearer my heart. You can thank the duke and his sama."

 At Braham's urging, the largest of the boys stepped forward.

 This young man is Vardae, the leader of the three men who were previously beaten by Braham.

 When I first met him, he was only about 160cm tall, but he has grown rapidly and is now nearly 180cm tall.

 He's still growing, he'll get bigger.

"Thanks to you, Duke Sama, we're going to be adventurers. I'm grateful."

"Hey! You can't talk to me like that, duke!"

 Vardae was knocked down by Braham.

"That hurts."

"I'm sorry, duke sama. I didn't have time to teach you manners."

 Braham apologized to me for being so embarrassed.

"I don't care. But, Valdé. Not for me, but you'll have to be more polite to the other nobles. It would be boring if you got a rude awakening."

"I know! Duke - sama, thank you!"

Thank you """"""""""" """

 After Valday, the other six bowed. They've grown into honest young men.

 Afterwards, I asked them what they did for a living, and they seemed to have found good jobs. Good for them.

"I'm sorry for your loss, Braham. I hope you continue to lead our children."

"Yes, sir."

"You're lucky to have such a good job. Today we're having a party to celebrate the departure of the Seven."

"A party! You're going to have some good food!"

"I'll prepare a lot of good food for you, so eat up!"

""""""" yes !"""""""

 To celebrate the departure of the seven, Sailor and her maids are cooking for Taku-san.

 Ins, Lethia, Sanlove, Ellie stay out of it.

 I have eaten the dishes of Ins, Lethia and Saint-Loup before, and they were terrible. Lethia's cooking was especially murderous, and since then, I've been trying not to let her cook.

 As for Ellie, since she was a princess, she grew up in a world where it was normal for the castle cook to prepare food, and she doesn't know the first thing about cooking.

 Recently, I've been learning how to cook from Sela, but she doesn't seem to have the same taste as Lethia.

 We served a lot of curry rice, hamburger steak, fried bean curd, yakisoba, spaghetti, sandwiches, and rice balls, but the children's appetite was so great that they ate them all.

 It's not easy to fill the bellies of three hundred children, and I have to thank Sailor and the others who prepared food for nearly five hundred people since my men and followers are also there.