Chapter 43 Weapons Merchant

 Okay, let's have a wedding!

"So I think I'd like to have a wedding with the three of you!"


"Look, I'm from another world."

"I've heard of other worlds before, but what is a wedding?"

 Apparently weddings aren't the norm in our world.

 When I explain the wedding, all three of them look happy.

 In my world, if you report to your guild or government, you're officially recognized as husband and wife.

 And it's not customary to hold a wedding.

 It's nice to have a wedding, but we don't have a venue.

 There are only a few large buildings that can hold a good amount of people, and facilities that can provide meals, such as the Lord's Hall, the Commercial Guild Hall, and the Adventurer's Guild Hall.

 So I decided to build a facility.

 Fortunately, I bought a new land, and I'm going to build a building where I can hold a wedding ceremony.

 At present, there is an old building on the land we bought, and it will take about a month to demolish it.

 Then I'm going to build a building on the cleared land.

 Naturally, you can buy buildings by [[mail order]]. Buying a building is quite expensive, so it's a good way to improve your rank.

 Until the demolition of the building is finished, we're not only choosing wedding dresses for the three of us, but we're also going to attack the dungeon for some reason.

 Well, I was planning to proceed with the dungeon, so that's good.

 The Mithril Golem has been a great help to me in layer 12, but I think it's time to move on to layer 13.

 But then Sailor wanted to tie up with the Mithril Golem.

 So I decided to head to the place where the Mithril Golem POPs.

 But we're gonna run into something we didn't see coming.

 In front of the Red Tower rises the castle-like Guild Hall of the Adventurers' Guild.

 A group of adventurers in a swarthy mood gathered around him.

 We saw the guild leader among the adventurers, and approached him.

"It's been a long time. Guild leader."

"Ah, Grose, it's been a long time."

 The guild leader seemed to be busy, so I made a brief greeting and got right down to business.

"What's all this racket?"

"Mm, actually. -----"

 The guild leader's story gives me an idea of what's going on.


 Signs of a stampede were found in the Red Tower, and the Adventurer's Guild judged that the probability of a stampede was extremely high after the investigation.

"We're calling on the Lords, the Merchant's Guild, and the nearby Adventurer's Guild for support. So you may be asked to join us, Lord Grose."

 The merchant guilds have an agreement with the guilds to support adventurers with supplies during the Stampede.

 That's why I'm a member of the Merchant's Guild, so I might be able to get some help.

 There are signs of a stampede, and since the Red Tower is off-limits, I think we'd better head home.

 Lethia was itching to hear about the stampede, but there's nothing she can do about it being off-limits.

"Hey, big brother?"

 There was a voice in the back that sounded familiar.

 When you turn your head toward the voice, you see a face that you have seen before.

It's been a long time. How have you been?"

"Hey, big brother, how are you?"

"How are you?"

 Two dark-haired, dark-eyed girls and a blond-haired girl who looked like an elf, the three of them were standing there.

 When the stampede occurred in the town of Hajime, three Japanese girls were fighting against the demons at the front line.

 Brainy girls.

"We thought about it, too, after your brother-San left us."

"Yeah, I heard that you can't just run ahead without looking at your surroundings."

"The chapter president admonished me."

"Wait, Kanami, why are you talking?"

 Apparently, the girls realized that their daredevil behavior was causing trouble for those around them.

 That's because Gouriky, the head of the Adventurer's Guild's Hajime branch, told him to do so.

 Still, if they were able to understand themselves and improve, they must have grown.

"But it's only been three days since I arrived here, and I can't believe I ran into a stampede again~"

"Yeah, I was just about to look for my brother, and then the stampede."

"It saved me a lot of time looking for it."

 Why are you looking for me?

 Huh, it's obvious. They think I'm Japanese.

 But the blonde elf, Kanami Sanjou, I think, she's as blunt as ever.

"Are you looking for me, sir? Is there something I can get for you?"

 The three of them bowed to me.

"I heard from the chapter president that Grose-san followed up with us at the last Stampede to make sure we were not isolated. Thank you very much!"

""Thank you!""

 When Miho Inaba expresses his gratitude on behalf of the other two, they follow suit.

 When I see these things, I feel that I have really grown up.

"No, no, I'm just glad you're all okay."

"So, give us another chance!"

 Chance? Why are you asking me for a chance? They have nothing to do with me, so I don't think it's possible for me to give them a chance.

[Master, they want to go back to Japan. So they're desperately looking for a way to go back.]

[I know you want to go home, but what do you want from me?]

[You must think the power the Master has is very great].

[So you're asking me to help you...]

 I see the three of you with your heads still bowed to me.

 If the girls really want to go home, I'll help them.

 They used to be dangerous, and to be honest, I didn't want to get involved with them, but if they've improved now, I'm willing to help.

"What kind of chance are you talking about?"

"Wow, we want to go home!"

"That's why I need your help, brother-san!"

"Please. I need your help."

 We can see that Miho Inaba, Asami Tanaka, and Kanami Sanjou are desperately trying to appeal.

"Hey, Mister Grose. I don't know why, but since they're asking so desperately, why don't you help them if you can, Mister Grose?"

 The guild leader, who was still here, will help you.

 To tell you the truth, I was wondering how I was going to break, so thank you.

 You know, I don't know this guild leader's name. I don't recall him introducing himself to me. Thank God for guild leaders whose names I don't know.

"When the guild leader to whom I owe so much says so, I can't just turn down their offer out of hand, can I?"

 The three girls look up.

 His face is full of joy.

"""Thank you very much! Thank you also guild leader!""""

 We decided to go back home after this, so the girls came to visit us after the stampede.

 On his way home, he stopped by the Merchant's Guild and found the guild hall in an uproar.

 Looks like the staff is busy dealing with the stampede.

 I'm sorry to call Catherine, but I don't have anything to do with her, so I decided to call her another day.

 However, as I was leaving the guild hall, I was grabbed by the shoulder with tremendous force.

 It's the kind of power that makes you feel as if you were grabbed by a gorilla.

"Grose-chan, you've come to the right place."

 As always, his close-ups are hard.

 And with Lethia and Saint-Louve guarding me, I think it's great that he's able to get past them.

 They look like they've lost.

 Sailor was startled by the sudden appearance of Catherine San.

 But Ruby's on my shoulder, so I'm glad it's the other shoulder.

 If he had grabbed Ruby by the shoulder, Ruby would have been flattened.

 Of course not. Ruby is still a rank 5 demon.

"Hello, Catherine."

"Yes, hello. I'm sorry to bother you so soon, but would you mind coming to my room?"

"You seem to be busy. Is everything all right?"

"I need to talk to you about the cause of that busyness."

 I get a wink and a crack.

 I couldn't avoid it because I was at close range, so I took a direct hit.

 I've lost about 90% of my mental capacity!

 Sitting on the couch in Katherine's room, tea is served without a sound.

 When the lady who served the tea leaves the room, Catherine San says she'll spare us the time and get down to business.

"Do you know what a stampede is?"

"Yes, I heard about it from the guild leader in front of the Adventurer's Guild earlier."

"Then let's talk quickly. The Merchant's Guild will be fully supporting the adventurers during the Stampede, so the Guild will be releasing weapons, armor, and food stocks, and we've asked the merchants to help us out."

"Of course. If the adventurers don't suppress the stampede, it will cause damage to the city as well."

 Catherine san nodded hawkishly and sipped her tea.

"So, I have a favor to ask of you, Glose-chan."

"I'll do what I can."

Thank you, that's great.

 When I say that, Katherine's eyes sharpen.

 It's like a bird of prey with its eyes fixed on its prey.

"Let's face it, Grose-chan deals in weapons too, right?"

 I thought it was for food, but it's for weapons.

 But how would katherine san know that? I don't think I've ever held a weapon out in front of Katherine.

 But during the stampede in Hajime's town, the head of the Adventurer's Guild also saw him, and Umbrella-san of the Merchant's Guild... did he draw information from this area?

"...You're dealing with some of it."

"I want you to sell that to me."

 That would be a hand grenade or a submachine gun MP7.

 MP7 is good for a barrage, but it requires a certain level of proficiency if you don't have any shooting skills, so you should just use grenades.

[Ins, how powerful would a modified grenade be?]

[Yes, with the two-step conversion, it can deal fatal damage to rank 4 demons in the blast zone. It will also deal considerable damage to rank 5 monsters. It also increases the area of effect when it blasts, so I think it is very effective against monsters that rush in dense formation].

[How long does it take to buy a two-stage conversion?]

[It takes about thirty minutes to buy and modify a hundred of them.]

[If it's 1,000 pieces, that's 300 minutes, 5 hours... can you just buy 100 pieces and remodel them for me?]


"The weapon I can sell you will be a grenade, an exploding ball. A weapon even Katherine San has never seen before."

"What kind of weapon is that Shrewdang? What kind of weapon is it, and how powerful is it?"

"If it's a direct hit, I'm sure it can do a good amount of damage to a rank 5 demon."

"Rank 5!"

 I'm surprised. I'd be happy to see a beautiful woman instead of a gay man.

 If you can defeat a rank 3 demon alone, you can become a lower-ranked noble, so it is understandable that you would be surprised to hear that you can damage a rank 5 demon.

"I'd be happy to show it to you in person, but it's not the kind of weapon you can use on the street..."

"Then we should head to the Adventurer's Guild! They've got a huge training area there."

"Okay, sir."

 You'll be going back to the Adventurer's Guild that you just visited.

 Moreover, it is more comfortable than a carriage ride because it is a private carriage (hire) for Catherine san.

 But can I go out while the Merchant's Guild staff is busy?

 Well, there's hardly anyone who can complain to this man, and he won't complain if you make arrangements to buy a grenade.

"Hmm? Mr. Grose, it's been a while."

"Good to see you, guild leader."

"Gragas, I need to use your training grounds."

"What's this all about? I thought the training grounds were open."

 This guild leader's name is Gragas.

 It's a fact I've never known even though we've seen each other many times.

 Me and Gragas-san will be taken to the training grounds by Katherine-san.

 A few adventurers were training in the training grounds.

 There aren't many adventurers in the training grounds right now, since many adventurers are packed in one layer to guard against and respond to the Red Tower stampede.

 Remove those few adventurers from the training grounds, Katherine -san.

 If you try to complain, you will be physically persuaded by Katherine San.

 He's stronger than an adventurer, right? Why is he the vice-guild leader of the merchant guild?

"Grose-chan, please."

 Right now, there's only Katherine, Gragas, me, Lethia, Sanlove, Sela, Ruby, and two Adventurer's Guild employees here.

 I'm going to take out a two-stage magically modified grenade from my magic bag.

 There are one hundred and twenty grenades that have already been tampered with by Ins.

 Twenty of them are left over from Hajime's town. They've been tampered with too.

Lethia, please.

"I got it!"

 I'm gonna give you all headphones and goggles and advise you to protect your eyes and ears.

 And Lethia pulls the pin and throws a grenade.

 The grenade that was thrown at the center of the training ground exploded more loudly than I've seen before, and the blast reached us about 50 meters away.





 Having never seen a grenade before, Katherine, Gragas, and the two Adventurer's Guild employees are surprised to see Issama.

 When the smoke cleared, a large hole was made in the ground, which shows the power of the device.

"That's great, how many of those shludans can we get?"

"That's a thousand pieces you can hand over tomorrow morning."

"A thousand!"

 Gragas-san makes a hoarse sound.

 Gragas-san's reaction made Katherine-san feel better and she decided to rent a room in the Adventurer's Guild to close the deal.

 And it was decided to deliver a thousand grenades first thing tomorrow morning.