Chapter 62 Head Order Book

 We were celebrating after clearing the Snake God's Labyrinth.

 The place is in front of the entrance of the Serpent God's Labyrinth. We could have gone back to the mansion in the town of the Red Tower and had a victory party, but it would have been troublesome if people knew that we had a victory party there, so we're doing it here.

"But, there really is such a thing as a clearing bonus!"

 Miho shouted happily . Her clear bonus is the skill [[Absolute Defense(E)]]. It nullifies any damage for 30 seconds, and the duration increases as your rank increases.

 It would be a very useful skill for Miho, the shieldman.

"Mm-hmm. Clear bonus, yummy!"

 Asami has gained a skill called [[Absolute Penetration(E)]]. It is said that this skill can penetrate any hard object.

 We can test the discrepancy between Minho and Asami. Who's better?

 Both of their skills seem to take a long time to reuse, and it will be important to know how to use them.

"A robe of concealment. The best!"

 Instead of a skill, Kanami has acquired the Robe of Concealment. The Robe of Concealment hides the wearer's presence, and is suitable for Kanami who does not have high defense.

"This cake is delicious."

 Kazumi has gained [[Magic Effect Amplification(E)]]. She seems to have gained a skill to increase the effect of magic this time, since she no longer worries about her MP being increased.

"Lord! Drink more!"

 Lethia is still as bold as ever, offering me drinks as if she were a drunkard. Well, I don't mind drinking too much, but I don't like beer because its carbonation makes my stomach swell up too quickly. So I drink wine or brandy.

"Because I'm drinking wine, not beer!"

 Lethia is a beer drinker, so she tries to get me to drink beer too.

"What, you want a mouthful? Here, give me your lips."

 What are you talking about, you drunkard?

"Master-sama, another one."

"Aiyo, fruit juice."

"Wow, thanks One."

 Saint-Loup loves fruit juice. He has been addicted to it since I served it to him after he took a bath.


 Sailor puts her head on my shoulder. When she's drunk, she's not the usual dignified Sailor, but a seductive Sailor. That's also good!

 I'm gonna touch her breasts, and she's gonna make these sexy noises in my ear. I think my nose is gonna bleed.

 Ruby didn't have much to show this time, so she's a bit sad. Basically, we don't need to heal much, and Sela can heal too, so Ruby has no place to play.

 I thought to myself, "I shouldn't do this. Well, I'll tell Sailor not to cast any attack spells for a while. Then we can attack with Ruby's [[Flap of Flame(C)]]. Ruby is rank 5, so I think she has some attack power.

 We spent the night drinking and the morning. My head hurts. No more booze for now.


 I wonder if this is what you call a disgusting appearance. My four daughters are lying naked on the floor. My wives aren't that promiscuous, so, good.

 But what do you think the four girls are gonna do when they wake up? It's gonna be awkward if I'm there. What do I do?

 In such a case, I'll wake up Sailor and have her wake up the four girls while I pretend to be asleep.


 There was a time when I thought about that. I'm eye to eye with Kazumi now.

"Good morning, owner."

"Yeah, good morning."

 Kazumi doesn't seem to recognize herself yet. I can only imagine what will happen next. ....

"What? What? I...?"

 I'll see what I look like...



 You don't have to tell me what happened after that. Minho, Asami and Kanami woke up when they heard the scream. They screamed when they saw what we were wearing and accused me of doing nothing.

I'm sorry """"!""""

 Four calm guys bowing to me. It took me about an hour to get here. It was hard to clear up.

"You just have to understand."

 I'm so tired. And my head hurts from the hangover. I think I'll take it easy today.

"Lord! We're going to the next town!"

 Lethia's fine. You're not hungover? Saint-Loup's not as sober as you. Saint-Loup's not a morning person.

"Lethia, give me a break today. We'll take it easy here, and when you're feeling better, we'll go into town."

"What are you talking about? You can cure a hangover by drinking the elixir!"

 No one drinks elixirs for a hangover!

 However, I'm afraid I'm really going to lose my day if I don't, so I drank it. It's soothing~. The elixir is amazing!

"Oh, Owner... no matter how much you try, no one cures a hangover with an elixir..."

"Hahaha. I thought so too, but when I got over the hangover, I was glad I drank!"

 I was nice enough to let Kazumi drink the elixir. And then I gave it to the other three.

"I thought you were selling the elixir at a discount..."

 Miho said it so well. A zabuton!

 When I came back to the top of the mountain, I took a helicopter and went down to the foot of the neighboring country.

"This Heppokopon is really awesome! We're down the mountain in no time!"

 What's "hepokopokopon"? You're making a mistake on purpose.

"Lethia-san, it's a helicopter, not a header poke-poke-pong."

 Sailor's serious. Lethia knows what she's talking about.

"What the hell? You call that a helicopter!"

 I guess I was really wrong!

 Now, from here, it's a neighboring country, and we headed for a port town. We wanted to eat fresh fish in the port town.

 You can buy fresh fish at my [[Mail Order (B)]], but that's a different story. In this kind of thing, the atmosphere and smell of the place spice things up.

 There is no sea in our country. I'll tell you a little about our country and the countries around it.

 The name of the country I was in was the Kingdom of Delbarth, a medium-sized nation surrounded by three of the four major powers. In addition to the three major powers, it also shares borders with two smaller countries, the Grand Duchy of Iqma and the Principality of Astarica.

 The country I smuggled myself into is a small country, the Principality of Astarica. The main reason I chose this country is because it has a port, but I chose this country because it is close. The Grand Duchy of Icuma and three other large countries also have seas and ports, but Ins told me that they are far from the ports, so I chose the Principality of Astarica by elimination.

 We're crossing the Duchy of Astarica to the port city. I left the demons to Ruby. I took pity on Ruby because she didn't appear too often.

"Batch koippi!"

 Ruby burns the demons with [[Flap of Flame(C)]]. She seems to have a surprisingly strong attack power, and the demons die instantly or at best.

"Lord! Don't make Ruby fight for you! I want to fight too!"

"Don't say that. Even Ruby wants to play an active role, didn't Lethia go wild in the dungeon?"

"What are you talking about! A dungeon is a dungeon, and this is this!"

 It seems Lethia has no choice but to fight. That's when I heard the voice in my head.

[Master, a messenger from the royal family just arrived with a summons for Master to appear before them, to bring him back immediately.]

 It's from the ins.

[Are you okay? Did they hurt you?]

[Yes, I'm fine. But it seems that the adventurer nobles we sent to the dungeon have been almost destroyed.]

[Almost wiped out? Are there any survivors?]

[Yes, 24 adventuring noblemen went into the dungeon in parties of four, but only three came back. Two of those three also died during the healing process].

[Almost wiped out, really. How strong were the adventurer nobles?]

[There were four parties of six players, but all of them were capable of defeating a demon of rank 5 or so, and were capable of putting up a good fight even if they were rank 6].

[So you're saying that a demon stronger than Rank 5 has appeared...]

 Well, it's a dungeon where rank 7 earth dragons and rank 8 chaos dragons originally existed, and rank 6 demons appeared in the shallow layers, so it's not surprising that rank 7 So it's not surprising that rank 7 demons appear if you advance a bit.

[So, what's it like in King's Landing? Demons didn't just pour out of the dungeon, did they?]

[The demons haven't come out of the dungeon so the people aren't making a fuss but the princes and nobles are. So they really want their master back.]

 They're all small assholes. Well, I wouldn't have gone near that dungeon if I didn't have the power I have now.

[What did Inns say to the messenger?]

[I replied that it would take two or three months even if we hurried.]

 Well, I guess that's fair.

 But issuing a summons to appear against me? You seem to be in a great hurry.

 I'm a nobleman, but I'm not an adventurer.

 The adventuring nobility is given the status of nobility, but they're also included in the country's forces in times of war and demon slaying. But I'm not bound by that.

 When the royal family offered me a knighthood, I kept refusing, and they said that there was no such restriction. The royal family, too, was concerned about their reputation if they offered me a knighthood and I refused, so they proposed to relax the conditions for knighthood.

 He could've used his power to put pressure on me, but he probably decided he didn't want to make an enemy of me who can defeat a rank 7 Earth Dragon. Besides, it would have been a disaster if they stopped the supplies I was providing.

 The princes and nobles don't have the strength to challenge me. Maybe that's why he asked me to keep Insu as a hostage in the capital. It seems that he judged that I would not refuse since the king was willing to give me the mansion face to face, but now I really feel that I should have refused him at that time.