Chapter 76 After Ruining The Audience

"Well, that's why..."

"My name is Elisabeth Camilla Delbert. I'd like to join you all."

 Princess-sama. Huh. ....

"Gloose-san, you were called here regarding the dungeon, but what do you mean by bringing back the princess-sama? Please explain."

 Sailor, don't be so uptight.

 I'd love to explain, but I'm confused too: ....

 I thought the king was the head of this country, but the head of this country is the queen-sama.

 The queen-sama was the eldest daughter of the former king, and the present king was the second son of a duke of some branch of the royal family.

 Because he was a branch of the family, he had a right of succession to the throne, but it was quite low.

 However, when the former king collapsed in his early thirties, the queen-sama nominated him as her consort and he succeeded to the throne.

 It is said that Queen-sama could have been in charge of the government as a queen, but she gave the throne to the king.

 Since then, the king has not bowed to the queen-sama, and many nobles recognize that the queen-sama is the head of this country.

 It's hard on your son-in-law.

 So the queen-sama decided to give the princess-sama as a hostage to me. The king had never heard of it, but the queen-sama and the princess-sama had already talked about it.

"Sailor-san, Master is confused, so let me explain."

 Ins, please. Just work it out.

"Master drove the king and nobles who were in good shape, but it was contained when Princess Elisabeth, who is here, became Master's wife."

 No, that explanation doesn't make much sense, does it?

"I was in the corridor when I heard the Lord shouting at the king. It was painful."

 Lethia, did you have that much fun?

 Well, I had a little fun with it.

"Now that I'm free, the nobles will be able to keep their heads above water with Master."

"Is Insu-San free? Can I go back to the Red Tower City with you?"

"Yes, from now on, you can always be near the Master."

 You've always been inside me, but it's nice to know that I'll see you every day in the flesh.

"So Princess Elisabeth can be trusted, can't she?"

"Yes, I've already been made a squire by Tame, and I'm fine."

"I see. Then there is no need for me to say anything further. Is there anything else, Saint-Louve?"

"Wang? I don't know, Wang."

 Saint-Loup is so cute as he tilts his head at Sela's question. Nudge, nudge.

 We move to the living room and have tea together.

"Allow me to introduce myself once again. My name is Elisabeth Camilla Delbert. You may call me Ellie. From this day forward, I am the consort of Grose Hendler-sama. It will be my pleasure to serve you."

 As I said in my introduction, I'm going to call the princess Ellie.

"My name is Ins Hendler. I'm the wife of the Master and I'm the Vice President of the Hendler Chamber of Commerce."

 Ins introduced himself with a smile.

 The smile of a beautiful woman is soothing to look at.

"I'm Lethia. I'm the Lord's mistress and it's my job to protect you!"

 Leecia, who had taken off her armor and was now in her normal tank top and shorts, introduced herself .

 You're my wife, too! Don't introduce yourself as my mistress.

 And please don't wear a tank top with no bra. When you stretch your chest out, the tip of your breasts will assert their presence, and it's hard to look at them.

"My name is Serra Hendler. I am also the wife of Grose-San, and I am in charge of the magic when we are defeating the demons."

 I can see you're taking care not to be disrespectful to the princess.

 It's just like Seurat.

"Saint-Loup is Saint-Loup One."

 Saint-Loup on my lap, drinking fruit juice, he's my cure.

 I love wolf ears.

 They all looked at me. What? I'm supposed to introduce myself too?

"Gosh. I'm Grose Hendler. I'm the head of the Hendler Trading Company. I only go to dungeons to relieve Lethia's stress, so it's not like I like dungeons."

"What do you mean! The Lord is much stronger than me, isn't He!"

"Lethia, being strong doesn't equate to liking to fight. I'm a gentleman who likes peace."

"Ha, ha, the Lord has a joke for you!"

"No, I'm not kidding..."

 I'm shocked that you thought I was joking...

"So, Lord. When are you going to the dungeon?"

 Something's come through and changed the subject.

"Hmm, ins. When do you want me to do it?"

"Why don't you just do as you please Master?"

 Ins is not interested in dungeons. He's not interested in the survival of the realm.

 Even if a kingdom is attacked by another kingdom or is about to be destroyed by a stampede of demons, I don't think Insu will give a hand to it.

 I think it's okay to help Queen-sama and Ellie's brothers and sisters before Ellie, but leave the king and nobles alone.

 I'll go to the dungeon this time because of the reward, but only a limited number of people will be able to help me in my peril.

"I'm sorry to interrupt you. If possible, it would be easier for me to demand a huge reward from the nobles if you could calm down the dungeon as soon as possible."

 Ellie seems to be trying to increase the amount of the reward paid by the nobles.

"You don't like nobles that much?"

"Yes, I hate them. They're just playing with their privileges and not fulfilling their responsibilities as noblemen."

"Does the king do that too?"

 Ellie looked a little puzzled.

"Unfortunately, your father-sama also believes that the people live for the royalty and nobility."

 I looked at Ince, Lethia, Sela and then at Ellie's face.

 Saint-Louve's on my lap, so I can't see his face.

"I don't think there's a future for this country with that kind of thinking."

"I feel the same way. That's why I want to change the nature of the country, but I don't have the power..."

 It's a heavy story.

 But since I accepted Ellie as my wife, I don't want to see her sad face.

 I don't care what happens to the nobles, but I'll make sure Ellie's father, the king, doesn't do anything stupid.

 Ellie, a beautiful seventeen-year-old girl with beautiful blond hair and almost black indigo eyes, has become my squire.

 When the idea of her becoming my wife came up, the princess and I had a private conversation.

 The first thing she said was that I couldn't make Ellie my wife because I had too many secrets, and I rejected her.

 But she said she knew from the first moment she saw me that she was going to be my wife.

 I wondered why I was so ordinary and dull-looking. But she said it wasn't my looks but my mood. She said it was the atmosphere I wore that drew her to me.

 I couldn't reject her just because she's a princess.

 To tell the truth, she is beautiful and has a pleasant personality, and I am attracted to her. But I couldn't accept her just because of that, so I asked her what she was prepared to do.

"I have the skill [[Tame]]. Are you ready to be my squire?"

"I'd be a slave if I could walk with you!"

 When I heard those words, I decided to accept her.

"That's why."

"I can't believe my husband-sama is from another world..."

 I've decided to make her my wife, and she's become my squire, and I've talked to her to let her know my secret.

 And when she became my squire, she used to call me Hendrya, but I asked her to call me Grose.

 Then he said, "Since you are going to be my wife, I will call you husband-sama.

 Husband-sama... how nice it sounds. I think my nose is going to bleed.

"Have you lost your mind about me?"

"No, it's not! In fact, I think it's wonderful! The founder of this kingdom is the hero-sama who came from another world! The fate that I felt was not wrong, that my husband-sama is from another world just like the hero-sama!"

 What the hell? Ellie's a descendant of an otherworldly hero?

[Insu, is that brave man Japanese? Is that why Ellie's eyes are indigo, almost black?]

[I'm sorry, I can't answer that.]

[Banned by admin-san again?]

[You can think of it that way.]

 The fact that the heroes of the past were from other worlds shows us that there are people like us who were brought to this world in the past.

 What the hell does that admin-san want?

 If you ask Ins about it, he can't answer you, and you have to ask him directly, I guess.

 I don't know if I can ask him, because there is no guarantee that I can meet him.

"Right away, I'm going to check on Ellie's status."

"Yes . Look at all of me!"

 All I'm saying is... just look at the status.


 Full name: Elisabeth Camilla Hendler

 Occupation: Innovation Princess, Lv21

 Info: Human, female, 17, Mrs. Hendler.

 HP: 1,100(A)

 MP: 2,700(S)

 Muscle strength: 300(A)

 Endurance: 300(A)

 Magic: 600(S)

 Agility: 300(A)

 Dexterity: 300(A)

 Charm: 600(S)

 Good luck: 35

 Active Skill: [[Royal Arms (D)]]

 Passive Skills: [[Princess's Dignity(D)]][[Abnormal Condition Resistance(D)]][[Courtesy(C)]]

 Magic Skill: [[Seal Magic(E)]]

 Unique Skill: [[Kizuna]]

[[Royal Armor (D)]] can be used in battle with any weapon .

[[Dignity of a Princess (D)]] naturally emits the dignity of a princess .

[[Abnormality Resistance(D)]]: resistance to abnormality.

[[Courtesy (C)]], the etiquette required for royalty .

[[Seal Spell(E)]], a spell that seals a target.


 What can I say, an innovation princess as a profession is a novelty.

 Innovation is innovation, right? Innovation, princess? It's no wonder you're frustrated with the old guard, huh?

 Her active skill is [[Royal Arms(D)]], so I think she's basically a melee fighter, but she's a wizard in terms of ability.

 But the only magic we have is [[Seal Spell(E)]].

 Moreover, this [[Seal Spell(E)]] is a spell to seal a target, so you don't know how to use it.

 Do you use it that often? Does it work? I don't think it's magic.