It's Natural for a Maid

Alternative Name:
It's Natural for a Maid. ~ The versatile maid who has been taking care of all the menial jobs has been framed and has decided to go on a trip!

Meidonara tōzendesu. ~ Jimi shigoto o subete hikiukete ita ban'nō meido-san, nureginu o kise raretanode tabi ni deru koto ni shimashita.

Japanese Name:
メイドなら当然です。 ~ 地味仕事をすべて引き受けていた万能メイドさん、濡れ衣を着せられたので旅に出ることにしました


Yasuaki(Koumei) Mikami(三上康明)


"Please leave quickly. A plain-looking, unrefined maid like you would not be suitable for this house"

The owner of the mansion's cherished vase has been broken. The one who was falsely accused of the crime and was fired was the small and humble maid "Nina".

Nina is not well understood by the people around her, but she does all the menial jobs in the mansion.
Tidying up the messy work tools. Stocking up on seasonings and ingredients according to the tastes of the master's family and guests. Cleaning up the messy maid's unfinished business. Helping a young lady who was not in the mood to study. Returning art forgeries. Maintaining seasonal clothing. etcetcetcetc......
At first glance, the mansion was unchanged after Nina's disappearance. However, it was slowly falling apart...... It was no longer Nina's concern.

Nina, who had worked as a maid all her life, suddenly decided to go on a sightseeing trip.

On her way, she meets some "unlucky" girls.

Emily is a mage who boasts an extraordinary amount of magic power, but can't handle it well.

Astrid, an inventor who is very smart but somehow can't succeed in her experiments.

Tien, a moon-wolf who gets hungry because she doesn't eat right and can't get any strength at all.

Thanks to Nina, the versatile maid, the girls are now able to use their true power.

When they combine their power, it is comparable to that of an army......, but Nina never knew that.